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March 30, 2009


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Don Allen

I bought a new GT6 in February 1968. Although titled as a '68, it was actually a '67. It was, of course, the Mark 1 version, with the swing axle rear suspension, so handling was a bit dicey, but in my opinion, it was the most beautiful of the three versions sold in the USA. A great tourer, and a lot of fun for a (then) 21 year old young man. I wish I owned it now!

Don Allen

One other thing on the GT6... there were so many running production changes on the GT6, and probably on all Triumphs, that there seems to be no documentation on the changes vs. the serial number. For example, my GT6 was a late '67 Mark 1, but it had the 2-speed heater found on the GT6 Mark 2 (GT6+ in the USA). And, mine didn't have the red brake warning light on the left side of the walnut dash, as some of the early '68-built Mark 1 GT6's did. In fact, the Triumph factory was building Mark 1 and Mark 2 GT6's simultaneously - which I've always found most intriguing.

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Quentin Sanz

That Spitfire would make some people go, "Oh, that's vintage!" You know that feeling when you see classic stuff that are still working and effective? Also, you get this feeling that you can only get to see awesome pieces of vintage cars like this in a car show.

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This is pretty cool article, I will buy a car this year, a 7 seater car!

CGS cat back exhaust

That is so cool! Perfect ride for an individual to own and I can say it promises a long-term relationship between you and your car. I wish there were still some these days.

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The Triumph is the only brand I knew that had a really interesting display of performance and style. I don't know about you guys but I'm gonna do my best finding one of these.

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