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March 15, 2009


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Simon Schempp

Wow, these are seriously beautiful rides. I remember that MG Midget MkI. My granddad owned one long ago. I never knew what happened to it. If it was given to me, I would have restored it.

CGS cat back exhaust

Yup, definitely. I wonder where and how could I get one of these?

lamborghini door hinge

I think not everybody know the meaning of MG. There are lot of acronyms with different meanings. Now, I know when it comes to car models, it is called Morris Garages.

Drop Suspension

I would do anything in my power to get one of these. Really classical-looking but modern performance.

Account Deleted

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These are nice models.

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These cars that I have driven some over the past years will always be in my memory forever. Some of it may never be seen again soon, so it's good to catch up with these right now.

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